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About Ironwood Homes

Ironwood Homes LLC is built on a strong foundation of family and faith.  We started this company in 2000 and have dedicated ourselves to becoming a premier custom home builder in the West Valley.  We use our knowledge, experience and teamwork, to provide numerous clients with a "dream home" that became their reality.    


Our History

The company name came from none other than the Ironwood tree.  This unique tree is native to the Sonoran Desert and is known for its strength, beauty and versatility.  The trunk is composed of a dense wood which gives it a strong and durable foundation that is home to animals of all kinds.  Its canopy-like structure protects young plants from extreme temperatures allowing them to survive. Every spring, white, pink and lavender flowers bloom, lighting up the desert with beauty and grace.   


Just like the Ironwood tree brings endless possibilities to the Sonoran Desert, at Ironwood Homes LLC we have the same vision, to be a home builder that the west valley can count on.  With a business built on trust, quality, and dedication, we want your home to be as strong and beautiful as the Ironwood tree is to the desert.  That’s why Ironwood Homes are built with the finest care, the best quality materials, and resepect for our customers.  


We look forward to making your "dream home" come true!


Tom & Lynnette Brown

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