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Modern building styles offer more than just a choice in flooring, appliances, and paint colors.  Your contractor should, too.  At Ironwood Homes, we believe a truly custom home should offer choices in insulation, windows, doors, heating and cooling systems as well as alternative power sources, such as solar, all with a vision of energy efficiency and client needs.       


When choosing the components of your new, or remodeled home, we recommend every client be informed of their choice in items than can affect the energy efficiency and ownership costs of their home. When considering insulation, the maximum thermal performance, or R-value, of insulation is very dependent on proper installation. Windows and doors are a major source of lost heat or cooling and can greatly affect energy costs and comfort.  There are many options to consider and at Ironwood Homes we will work to provide you the best quality available according to your budget. 


We look forward to discussing all your energy options as a part of your custom home experience. 



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